Authors Biography


Rozália is a Clairvoyant and Conscious Channel from the Akashic Records. She was born in Hungary, and from 1968 she moved to live in Sydney Australia.

Rozália descended from a long line of distinguished Spiritual clairvoyants. For many years she has been teaching in the field of Metaphysical Self Awareness. The subjects included; meditation, crystals, chakra balancing, aura & color reading, basic astrology, tarot cards, palm reading, spiritual healing and how to learn to channel and working with the Ascended Masters and its Governing Hierarchy.

She is well known and respected in the field of physic divination when reading Palms, Tarot or karmic relationships with astrology.

When I self published my first book; “How to Channel from the Akashic Records”, I received a large amount of feedback about how much my book has helped so many people. Nevertheless, I also received feedback from a small number of people, who purchased the Tarot book, and informed me that they were not interested to learn how to read the Tarot, but when they read the chapter titled: “ the Meta Physical information guidelines and principles,” they found that it was unique and interesting.

They realized that those Meta Physical principals do not just apply to the tarot cards, but any spiritually inclined work falls under these “traffic rules.”

The next thing I needed to do regarding this information was to request in my next meditation a meeting with my Spiritual Hierarchy. They then gave me their blessing to write another book and set the platform for the Souls Journey and the hardship of the emotional body and its every day of realities.

Once again I received new information which I had not been aware of to this extent. I am referring to homosexual people and the purpose they serve in our evolutionary cycle. Once you read this book you will not have any more excuses not to change your life for the better. Because the truth will set you free.